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Takeo province is often referred to as “the cradle of Cambodian civilisation” Takeo province has several important pre-Angkorian sites built between the 5th and the 8th century. The provincial capital, Takeo town is an easygoing place that possesses a fair amount of natural and man made beauty.

The natural beauty is in the Scenic River and lake area that faces a pleasant town parkway. The low-lying area seems to include much of the surrounding province area, which is probably why a kingdom that once had its heart here was referred to as Water Chenla. There seems to be water everywhere in the surrounding countryside during the rainy season. The man-made beauty mostly comes from a series of canals and waterways that were cut through the surrounding countryside, many a very long time ago, connecting towns, villages, rivers and Vietnam. read more…

Takeo covers 3563 square kilometers, It consists of 10 districts, 100 communes and 1116 villages.

  • Daun Keo City   Total Communes: 3    Totals Villages: 40
  • Tram Kak District   Total Communes: 15    Totals Villages: 242
  • Kirivong District   Total Communes: 12    Totals Villages: 114
  • Angkor Borei District   Total Communes: 6    Totals Villages: 34
  • Prey Kabas District   Total Communes: 13    Totals Villages: 110
  • Sam Rong District   Total Communes: 11    Totals Villages: 147
  • Bati District   Total Communes: 15    Totals Villages: 168
  • Triang Diastrict   Total Communes: 14    Totals Villages: 154
  • Koh Andet District   Total Communes: 6    Totals Villages: 68
  • Borei Chulsar District   Total Communes: 5    Totals Villages: 39