Ta Prohm Temple

Ta Prohm Temple, Takeo is enlisted as a historical site and is a must visit for tourists. The Ta Prohm Temple in Takeo is ocated in the Thnal Village in the the Krang Throng region of the Bati district. From the provincial town the Ta Prohm Temple, Takeo is about 45 kilometers. Today it is counted as one of the top tourist attractions not only in Takeo but in the whole of Cambodia.

The Ta Prohm Temple, Takeo was built by King Jayavarman VII. This edifice was constructed in the Angkor era temple. Even in the ruins the tourists will find fascinating facets. Here you will get to see a few bas-relief scenes that narrate the bleaker aspects of ancient life. Though the temple has been rampaged by looters and ravaged by the calamities, it still remains one of the best tourist attractions in Takeo.

On your visit to the Ta Prohm Temple, Takeo be sure that you also visit the small temple across the street. This temple is situated on the shore and has lovely lake adjacent to it.

Many tourists may wonder what route to follow to reach the Ta Prohm temple. The Tonle Bati is the first turning point and Ta Prohm is about 33 km from here. Near the lake there is a picture billboard and 1.5 kilometers from here the tourists will reach a forked road. On turning right you will reach the “Tonle Bati Tourism Area”. Tourists have to pay a minimal maintenance fee but for the locals entry is free.