Phnom Kleng

The Phnom Kleng, Takeo is considered among the famous tourist attractions in Takeo. A scenic province in Cambodia, Takeo is home to a number of natural and artificial places for sightseeing. There are several grand temples and natural and wildlife preserves in Takeo. The Phnom Kleng, Takeo is one of the frequently visited natural and wildlife preserves in Takeo.

The Phnom Kleng, Takeo is a natural and wildlife preserve situated at Takmet Village in Prey Sloek Commune of Treang District in Takeo province. You will come across a variety of flora and fauna at Phnom Kleng. There is plenty of vegetation at the Phnom Kleng, Takeo. You can witness different kinds of birds, insects, reptiles, fishes, and mammals at this wildlife preserve. The main objective of Phnom Kleng in Takeo is to help protect and conserve the wildlife and natural environment of Cambodia.

The provincial town of Takeo is positioned at a distance of 12.5 km from the Phnom Kleng in Takeo. It takes about 19 minutes to reach this natural and wildlife preserve from the provincial town of Takeo.

Tourists in large numbers from different corners of the world come to Takeo every year. There is a lot to explore in Takeo, since its beautiful land is dotted with many tourist spots. The Phnom Kleng, Takeo is one such tourist place in this province which is definitely