Phnom Da

Phnom Da, Takeo is one of the ancient historical places in Cambodia. Earlier it was the old capital of Nor Kor Kouk Thlork of Kouk Thlork commune situated at Angkor Borey district in Takeo region. Phnom Da, Takeo is about 102 km away from Phnom Penh. It is about 24 km away from the town of Takeo. Phnom Da in Takeo is one of the popular tourist attractions in Takeo.

Phnom Da, Takeo is a temple which was constructed on a small mountain. It was built in the 6th century by the King Rut Trak Varman. A French historian, Mi Bri No said that the temple is made of laterite stone. Phnom Da, Takeo is not enclosed by any wall and faces northwards.

There are 5 man-made statues situated at the valley of the mountain. These statues represent the style of Phnom Da. Among the five caves, one of them was used for the purpose of cremation during the time period of 1975-1979. There is another temple which is located about 500 meters away from the Phnom Da temple in the southwest direction. This temple is made of sandstone.

[SinglePic not found]Every year thousands of local and international tourists visit the Phnom Da, Takeo. So many tourists visit the place in order to do a research on the well-known work of art of Cambodian ancestors. This work of art belongs to the old time of Koh Kok Thlork.

After the year 1979, the authority of the Takeo region built a canal known as “Canal No 15″. This canal connects the Takeo town to Ang Kor Bo Rey district. Phnom Da in Takeo is a short distance away from this canal. This canal has made transportation easier. Therefore traveling has become much hassle free.